Experience. Curiosity. Excellence.

Brady Type is an ebook conversion house and book production company, based in Toronto, Canada. Drawing on old-school typesetting and book layout experience, we bring the art of book design and typesetting to the rigorous code requirements of ebooks, marrying left- and right-brain functionality in the creation of your ebooks and print books.

We bring years of EXPERIENCE in trade book publishing to your project, a CURIOSITY about new technologies and markets, and the confident EXCELLENCE of book production professionals. We are committed to the art of type— full stop.

As a CUTTING-EDGE EBOOK DEVELOPER, Brady Type is an active member and leader of the #eprdctn group on Twitter, taking full advantage of their collaborative approach to keeping on top of the latest technologies. Frequently mentoring colleagues new to the field, Brady Type has also branched out into training others in ebook development.

Brady Type has experience and drive. We are well-adapted to producing faultless product under intense pressure while maintaining timelines and controlling costs. We have a long list of satisfied clients, any of whom would attest to the high quality of our work and our abundant knowledge of all aspects of print and digital production. We excel at long documents — either designed to client specifications or following another designer’s template — but have the flexibility borne by varied experience and past challenges met.

Laura Brady will be leading at workshop on Fixed-Layout ebook production at PePcon in June. Use the discount code CH23C to get $50 off your registration fee: http://pepcon.com

Committed to the art of type — in print or digital format.

Some Recent Media

“Ebook, e-book, eBook: Toward a Fulsome #eprdctn Terminology” An article on digital publishing lingo by Laura. http://epubsecrets.com/ebook-e-book-ebook-toward-a-fulsome-eprdctn-terminology.php

The Ebook Unicorn: Standards in Ebook Developmenthttp://www.booknetcanada.ca/blog/2014/1/28/the-ebook-unicorn-standards-in-ebook-development.html#.UufdDPYo7XS

“#eprdctn — Digital Publishing Professionals Collaborate on Twitter." http://socialmediaweek.org/newyork/2014/01/29/eprdctn-digital-publishing-professionals-collaborate-twitter/#.UulLBPYo7XT

“There’s no Ceiling if You Start at the Top: Women in Digital Publishing and Tech," by Christen Thomas and Laura Brady. http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2013/theres-no-ceiling-if-you-start-at-the-top-women-in-digital-publishing-and-tech/

ebookcraft Sneak Peek. http://www.booknetcanada.ca/blog/2013/11/15/ebookcraft-sneak-peek.html#.UoePfo0b6F5

“Can an Ebook Look Good?“ A look at the state of Ebook Typography. From a workshop given at Book Summit 2013, June 20, 2013, by Erin Mallory and Laura Brady. http://www.slideshare.net/LauraBrady/ebook-typography-presentationfinal

A recent Teleread debate on the cost and value of cheap ebook conversions. “Self-publishers beware! Just got a ‘Great Offer’ that’s anything but” by Juli Munroe. http://www.teleread.com/publishing/self-publishers-beware-just-got-a-great-offer-thats-anything-but/

Graphic Arts Magazine published a profile of the work we do.
See: http://graphicartsmag.com/articles/2012/06/epub-vs-pdf-digital-book-formats.

Laura was the featured guest on an eBook Ninjas podcast discussing the current state of the fixed-layout format. Have a listen here: