Page Staker

PageStaker is a script that lays the groundwork for creating an EPUB3 Page List. This is how it works:

  • Inserts a page number at the page break
  • The page numbers will be live with a style name of
  • The point size is set to 0.1pt and horizontal/vertical scale of 1%
  • The "stakedPageNumbers" are controlled as Conditional Text
  • When exported with the conditional visible

It will create some HTML inside the <p> tags in your EPUB export that looks like the following:

<span class="com-rorohiko-pagestaker-style">21</span>

You can then RegEx that into shape. Or you could use the second script.


The second script is meant to be run post-EPUB export. It will run a sript on your HTML files to turn this markup:

<span class="com-rorohiko-pagestaker-style">21</span

into the epub:type that you need for a page-list:

  <span epub:type="pagebreak" id="page21" title="21" />

It will also extract one or more patterns from the XHTML files to make your page list in the <nav> document.

Ready to purchase?

Each script is selling for $50, or $75 for both. If you email me at <>, I will generate a PayPal invoice. Once paid, I will send the scripts and detailed instructions on how to use them.