Seeking New Publishers

Are you a publisher with an overworked staff who already wear multiple hats and don't have the patience or bandwidth to sort out their ebooks? Brady Type can help.

Grateful for all leads, whispers, and recommendations. Contact us!

For more than a decade we’ve worked with publishers of all sizes to create an affordable process for publishing their front list titles into the digital marketplace. Brady Type will create all of your ebooks for an annual payment which amounts to half the cost of outsourcing yet offers unequalled quality, accessibility features, and futureproofing. We provide reliable, consistent ebook editions for your list in both EPUB and MOBI, and both fixed-layout or reflowable formats. In some cases, we support templated production for your list: Word to InDesign to ebook.

We are looking to work with publishers interested in guaranteed top-notch, fully accessible ebook production for an affordable annual fee. If that’s you, please be in touch.