Some Recent Articles

"Who Cares How You Read? Just Read."

“How to Build Rich Navigation in EPUB3”

“Building a Better Book” from InDesign Magazine, Issue 67

“RTF –> EPUB with a layover in InDesign.”
An article on finding efficiencies in an InDesign workflow for volume projects.

Fixed Layout Ebooks

“Adobe’s New FXL Export”
Published on the day that Adobe released an InDesign update supporting fixed-layout exports.

“Before you Make a Fixed-Layout Ebook: Five Things to Watch Out For”
A teaser for a DBW webinar

“Forging a Way Forward for Fixed-Layout Ebooks”

“Creating Fixed-Layout EPUBs"
My slide deck from Pepcon

“Laura Brady – Inspired, Outspoken, Dedicated”
An interview with Kaleeg Hainsworth of Brightwing Books

“Ebook, e-book, eBook: Toward a Fulsome #eprdctn Terminology”
An article on digital publishing lingo.

The Ebook Unicorn: Standards in Ebook Development

“#eprdctn — Digital Publishing Professionals Collaborate on Twitter."

“There’s no Ceiling if You Start at the Top: Women in Digital Publishing and Tech," by Christen Thomas and Laura Brady.

ebookcraft Sneak Peek.

“Can an Ebook Look Good?“ A look at the state of Ebook Typography. From a workshop given at Book Summit 2013, June 20, 2013, by Erin Mallory and Laura Brady.

A recent Teleread debate on the cost and value of cheap ebook conversions. “Self-publishers beware! Just got a ‘Great Offer’ that’s anything but” by Juli Munroe.

Graphic Arts Magazine published a profile of the work we do.

Laura was the featured guest on an eBook Ninjas podcast discussing the current state of the fixed-layout format. Have a listen here: